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International health insurance plans reflect the range of differing needs of expatriates and international citizens. There are many different terms used to describe these products, such as:
  • Travel Insurance
  • International Travel Insurance
  • Travel Medical Insurance
  • Trip Insurance
  • International Health Insurance
  • International Medical Insurance
  • Expatriate Insurance
  • International Student Insurance
Just what do they all mean? Let's examine them in detail:
  • Travel Insurance Many people are not quite sure just what "travel insurance" is. Some think of it simply as a type of life insurance that protects them when traveling by air should the unthinkable happen. But, it's much more than that. A solid comprehensive travel insurance policy also includes a good medical plan. The chances of a sudden illness or accident while traveling are much greater than such an occurrence at home.
  • International Travel Insurance When the average person decides to take a trip, travel insurance is typically one of the last things that they purchase or even consider. Nevertheless, you should be absolutely certain that the plan you choose matches your trip area - that is, domestic or international travel - because, more often than not, one plan will not do the job of the other. Be sure to thoroughly compare insurance plans to know exactly what you're getting. A good international travel insurance plan will include accidental death and disablement, medical evacuation, repatriation and other emergency services.
  • Travel Medical insurance This term is synonymous with travel health insurance and is described above.
  • Trip Insurance Aren't they one and the same? Well, in most cases, no. Trip insurance is generally used to insure your trip - nothing more. When traveling, so many things can and do go wrong that some travelers just do not feel secure unless their trip itself is insured. For instance, if an airline cancels a flight, that could cause you to miss still another connecting flight, which might ruin your entire trip. The financial loss could also be staggering. Most trip insurance does not include travel medical coverage - and travel health insurance usually does not offer financial protection should a flight be canceled.
  • International Medical Insurance Again, this term is used synonymously with international health insurance. An international travel insurance plan may offer coverage that ranges from a few days to a full year. In most cases, they are extendable or renewable. International health insurance coverage, however, is more of a longer-term major medical product. For trips of one year or less, most travellers tend to purchase a travel health insurance plan. But, for trips of three years or more, the tendency is to buy international health insurance. Although more expensive, it offers greater medical coverage and is often guaranteed renewable. These plans can include up to six months of domestic U.S. coverage for American citizens or even twelve months of U.S. coverage for non-American citizens.
  • Expatriate Insurance Although a comprehensive international travel insurance plan could technically be considered expat insurance, this type of plan typically leans more toward our explanation of international health insurance, because it's specifically designed to meet the particular needs of corporate professionals or specialists living and working abroad. Most companies that send their executives overseas generally feel a stronger sense of responsibility for their employees' expatriate needs and increased risk.
  • Student Travel Insurance Often refered to as international student insurance, this product is tailored to the needs of the exchanged students. Most student visas require their holders to have a comprehensive health policy.
Be safe, compare travel insurance plans
When living overseas, don't take chances with your health and safety. Get the insurance coverage you need. Whether you're planning to travel overseas for a few days or a year, consider our Atlas Travel Insurance. If you're planning an extensive trip abroad as an expatriate, either our Meridian Baic or Meridian Enhanced policies will provide you with full major-medical coverage.

But if you are not sure how long you will be traveling abroad, you could purchase Atlas for a year and then either switch to Meridian or buy more Atlas as you need it. And, if you're an exchange student, you'll find our StudentSecure coverage will meet your visa requirements - as well as your health care needs - while living abroad. Whatever your choice, take the time to compare insurance plans for your own safety and peace of mind!

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